Aubree Vanderhoeven

Social Media Assistant


Aubree grew up in a small town in Murrieta, CA and moved to begin her college career at Vanguard University in 2014. After four fun years and a lot of personal growth, she is graduating in May 2018. With a passion for graphic design and media, she is studying Communications with an emphasis in Cinema Arts and Design.

Her experience includes managing social media and design at Vanguard University for study abroad, local outreach and global missions programs, as well as some outside social media jobs for a home remodeling company and a nutritionist! Aubree loves being able to utilize her Adobe design skills to create crafty social media posts for her work and personal accounts.

Another passion of Aubree’s is serving and caring for others. After serving in Arkansas at a large orphanage and at a community church in Derry, Northern Ireland, she found a desire to travel and serve communities in need. Through her favorite motto, “bringing love to life,” she strives to live each day with love and a servants heart.

Some other very important things to note are that Aubree LOVES going to Target (even when she doesn’t need anything!) and can tell you where everything is in the store. When she’s not at Target, her love for her family, friendships and trying new things keeps her looking forward to what each day holds. Whether it’s a coffee date with an old friend or a road trip up the coast, Aubree is always ready for some adventure!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Aubree also deeply loves her small, toothless Chihuahua named Chacha.